Uganda – Heart For Nateete

Meet Pastor James and Julie Kato. Pastor Kato leads a church called Jesus Worship Centre in Nateete Kampala, Uganda. Nateete is considered a slum in the region called Kampala. He has made it his mission to welcome and love God’s people which might mean the least of the least in their community. They also operate a school called Master Kids. The Refuge has partnered with Pastor Kato to support the church, the school, and the community through annual mission trips and monthly financial support.

Each year, The Refuge does an annual mission trip where Pastor Larry Goodwin ministers in their Pastor’s Conference in different regions of the Kampala district. Alongside him, The Refuge volunteers, help with the conference and various other aspects to help in the community.

The funds The Refuge raises each year are used to provide:

  • a food giveaway for the community. The Refuge has been able to supply a month’s worth of food for over 200 families.
  • provide a 2 day medical clinic on site at the church. The people of the area are able to receive medical care from a doctor and receive medication.  Last year (summer of 2018), there was also an opportunity for them to receive limited physical therapy.
  • volunteer in the school with the children and
  • provide gardening classes to the women of the church, teaching them how to use their small plot of land.

To volunteer or receive more information on how you can be apart of this cause, send email to