God's Love

At the Refuge, we accept the beautiful people, the ugly people, the poor people, the rich people and all the in-between.  We accept the broken, the un-loved, the loved, and the ones that just don't quite know where they fit.  WE ARE GOD'S PEOPLE.  WE DISPLAY GOD'S LOVE. We realize it is not about us but ALL about Jesus. We strive to show each and every person God's love no matter the background, race, or past transgressions. 

There is no "joining" our church.  There is no roster you have to fill out.  You show us you are apart of the family by joining in and connecting to each and every one of us. We are not a family that just wants to see you at the holidays.  We want to talk to you daily and do everyday life with you.  We want to hug your children and celebrate your accomplishments with you.  We want you to be plugged into God's word.  On our connect page, you will learn all the opportunites you can get connected with the Refuge family. 


We would love for you to serve and connect with us at the Refuge.  If you want to serve, but might not know where your abilites are served best, please take the spiritual test below.  

Do you have any of these spiritual gifts: perceiver, server, teach, encourager, leader, giver, mercy?

Take this survey and find out.

For best results... Pray before you begin. Don't think as much as react. Answer quickly and honestly.

Results go in church database