Grace Recovery

Grace Recovery is a Bible based Christian Recovery Program for men, women and teens who are seeking relief from alcohol or drug abuse. From the Alcoholics Anonymous archives, we discover that A.A.’s 12 Steps have their roots in the Bible. In weekly meetings we read and discuss Bible chapters, key scriptures and topics connected to recovery.  

 Our plan for recovery is to live by Spiritual (Bible) Principles, which is God’s will for all of us. By sharing our recovery experiences, we drawer nearer to Him. 

 Bible Basics on Recovery 

  • Trust God in all that we do - Provers 3:5-6; 
  • Ask God to Forgive us so we can forgive - 1 John1:9 
  • Serve (Help) Others in Ephesians 6:7-8. 

 Old School Recovery 

     “There are many recovery programs today. Some achieve fine results. But any and all could profit by adding a chapter, a segment, a chunk of history to their approaches—the history of the early A.A. Christian Fellowship program in Akron, its Bible roots, and it’s astonishing success.  

      Why? Because so much of the early A.A. 75% to 93% success rate among real medically incurable alcoholics hinged on the truths the pioneers studied and applied from the Holy Bible. The Bible they called the Good Book. In those great days, they didn’t omit the Creator, His son Jesus Christ, the gift of the Holy Spirit, or the Bible. They counted on them.”                                         (B, Dick. The Good Book-Big Book Guide Book, 1st Edition, chapter 1, Page 1,  The                            Inclusion in Recovery of A.A.’s Biblical Origins and Christian Fellowship)  

              Grace Recovery is not affiliated with A.A. Al-Anon or N.A. Our meetings bring                                              God and his word, the Bible, into focus for recovery. 

 Our Purpose  

      “Freedom under God to grow in His likeness and image will ever be the quest of the                                                                         Alcoholics Anonymous”                                                                                (The A.A. Service Manual/Twelve Concepts for World Services, Page 72.)